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BE a team in Gridiron.

Our number one focus in terms of gameplay has been on making the synergy of team gameplay feel really good and reward high skill play. An example of this is the way in which the QB throws the ball, and the receiver catches the ball.

In most(if not all) football games a simple button press throws the ball to the receiver. No aiming, no sense of muscle memory, etc. And as long as the QB didn’t throw into defensive traffic its generally a completed pass.

In our game however, that entire process is turned on its head. When the QB first gains possession of the ball it all looks very similar to your standard football game(albeit with amazing sci fi glowy stuff around you). Except that he is being rushed and protected by real players. His receivers out there on the field are real players. Not only that, but he will have to actually switch stances and manually aim and arc the ball when he throws it to control where it lands. This functions similarly to your every day shooter. At that point it’s all up the receiver to make the play on the ball. Nothing is automated. Everything is in the players hands. If the receiver doesn’t protect the ball or catch it at the highest point, the defense will have a good opportunity to take it from him. His ability to read the pass and get under it and at times even leap up to grab it, is just as important as the QB’s accuracy in delivering it to him.

As you can see, being on a team has its challenges. But we hope you will find the experience as rewarding as we all do!

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