Posted by Chris Howard April 10, 2022 in PATCH NOTES

Visual Routes System

Gridiron now has a visual routes/play art system! Quarterbacks now have new formations to choose from in the huddle. There are a number of plays with predetermined route/run concepts. Once the quarterback picks a play, players can see their assignment on the field itself!

  • Receivers can see their routes on the field.
  • Runningbacks can see their routes, blocking assignment, or intended running scheme for handoffs.
  • Linemen can see an indication that they’re supposed to block on offense or rush the passer on defense.
  • Corners and safeties can see the zone they are responsible for covering, the player they are supposed to guard in man coverage, or even where they’re supposed to rush on blitz plays.

New Ping System

The new Ping System will make communicating with your teammates easier than ever during plays. Prior to this update, it was basically impossible for players to communicate with their team during a play without a mic.

  • Players can use the ping hotkey to bring up a menu that will display several communication options based on their position.

Balance Changes

  • Introduced a mechanic designed to punish QBs when they drop back very far behind the line of scrimmage. Once the QB reaches 14 yards behind the line of scrimmage they will get progressively slower for the next 6 yards they back up until they are slowed the most possible at 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Moved the hash marks on the field closer together.

Matchmaking Changes

We’ve removed the match acceptance feature along with the ability to queue for multiple game modes at once. Limitations with our matchmaking service prevented us from getting the acceptance feature to work as we intended.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a shield bash would cause players to fly backward indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue with the passing section of training mode.